Oriente OccidenteOriente Occidente

Artistic Residencies

Oriente Occidente Studio is a space suitable for artistic residencies and every year hosts artists and companies who spend a period of study and creation here, thus giving life to new artistic projects.

Artists in residency can find:

  • two dance studios with wooden floor and dance floor, mirrors, bars, sound system, changing rooms and services

  • several rooms for meetings and gatherings

  • a coworking space with wifi

  • a kitchen where you can take a break, eat together or drink coffee

Oriente Occidente is part of the larger Regional Centre of Residence of Trentino Alto Adige/Südtirol, PASSO NORD together with Centrale Fies, Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni and Cooperativa Teatrale Prometeo.

PASSO NORD is a network of very different realities, each one rooted for decades, with its own vocations and history and that together operate the shift of the concept of hospitality of a territory from the touristic sphere to the artistic-cultural one, nourishing it with experiences coming from all over the world, opportunities of exchange of competences, professional growth of all interested profiles and internationalization.

PASSO NORD is a plural form of hospitality tailored to the needs of artists, made of curatorial support and productive support, building relationships with professionals and local situations that have much to offer and much to know.

Over the years, the spaces of Oriente Occidente Studio have hosted many artists who have had artistic residencies, rehearsal, study and work time.

Some of them have been or are still our Associate Artists.