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Ginevra Panzetti e Enrico Ticconi

Ginevra Panzetti and Enrico Ticconi

Ginevra Panzetti and Enrico Ticconi live between Berlin and Turin and have been working together as an artistic duo since 2008. Their research develops in the fields of dance, performance and visual art, exploring themes related to the historical union of communication, violence and power.

Both graduates from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome after attending Stoa, a school of rhythmic movement and philosophy directed by Claudia Castellucci, they moved to Germany in 2010 where they undertook different but complementary studies.

With their choreographic work HARLEKING, they won several international awards in 2018. In 2019, they won the Arte Laguna 13 prize with the site-specific performance JARDIN / ARSENALE. They won the first edition of the Hermès Danza Triennale Milano Prize with which they produced their latest work AeReA and the Danza&Danza Prize as emerging choreographers.

Their latest artistic research is the choreography AeReA and the film Silver Veiled. Presented at the 42nd edition of our festival, it investigates the symbolic power of the flag.

Panzetti/Ticconi with the project INSEL, are artists supported for the two-year period 2021-2022 by the JUMP network, which was created to accompany artists, artists and companies during the production process, towards the debut and, finally, the circulation of artistic works.

The starting point for the creation is the island, a place with specific geomorphologic characteristics, a portion of dry land, a circumscribed space that defines the walkable.
The place par excellence on which the idea and practice of living can be modelled.

Starting from the assumption that non-isolation is one of the fundamental conditions for the development of a community, we will look at ancient island civilisations and how this geographical condition generated and facilitated the preservation of specific cultural traditions.

Looking at literature examples like the iconic novel “Robinson Crusoe” by Defoe or the classical theatre play “The Tempest” by Shakespeare, the four performers will inhabit the fictitious space of a deserted island recalling the character of the castaway or the exile, embodying a "detachment from the world", a fruitful as well as terrifying collapse into profound depths of oneself.