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Simone Donati

After graduating in 2014 from Rambert School in London, Simone Donati worked as dancer with companies including Balletboyz, Protein Dance, Contact Dance Company, Mir Dance Company, B'causeDance Company, Russell Maliphant, Richard Chappell Dance Company

He started choreographing during his time at Rambert School and some of his creations have been performed at Lilian Baylis studio, Linbury theatre and Cloud Dance Festival in London, Teatro Bonci, Marche Teatro's Inteatro Festival and Musiktheater Im Revier/Mir Dance Company.

While in London, Simone participated and contributed to the development of inclusive dance projects such as Dance Together, Richmond Project and Parkinson's Can Dance, helping people with disabilities to connect with dance and movement. He is the creator of Indomita and co-artistic director of Atmo Music Productions.

Have we ever wondered how many contradictory thoughts we have in a day? How often do our thoughts contradict our actions? How often do our feelings oppose our principles and beliefs? Can we live together knowing that we are more than one? It is easy to get lost in the non-acceptance of our internal contradictions and those of others.

I Am A Problem addresses the theme of contradiction and the complexity and restlessness of the human mind. Without claiming to understand the origin of the many contradictions that are part of human nature, the creation is intended to be a physical and emotional representation of the flow of contradictory thoughts that constantly pass through us, to embark on an introspective journey in which the observers can partially see themselves.