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Everyone has the right to enjoy the arts

- Universal Declaration of Human Rights

The doors of Oriente Occidente Dance Festival have never been more open!

For several years now, the Festival has been committed to projects involving artists with disabilities, in order to create innovative performances together, promoting research into the rich aesthetic and artistic variety that diversity can offer.

But that is not all. Oriente Occidente Dance Festival wants to be open at 360 degrees, making the events as accessible as possible to audiences with disabilities. How?


Thanks to an experiment that started in 2019, some of the scheduled performances, selected by our accessibility manager, feature the possibility of using Subpacs, i.e. innovative audio-tactile instruments created for virtual reality experiences.

They are worn like a backpack and vibrate to the rhythm of music, enabling the perception of sound through the sense of touch.

Signing staff

At performances involving the use of Subpac, signing staff will be available to welcome Deaf people and explain the correct way to use the SUBPAC.


Audio-introductions of performances and talks are available on website for blind and visually impaired people and anyone who prefers listening than reading. One of the performances will be accessible for visually impaired people through poetic audio description.

Purchasing tickets for persons with disabilities and accompanying persons

The purchasing of tickets for persons with disabilities who need an accompanying person and/or a wheelchair space must be done by calling 0464 016576 or by sending an email to booking@orienteoccidente.it. The staff of Oriente Occidente will answer your calls from 10 am to 2 pm Monday to Friday and - from 2 September until the end of the Festival - also on Saturdays and Sundays.

Any accompanying persons will have free access to the performances.

For further information, please consult the BOX OFFICE section of our website.


The accessibility of spaces and the removal of architectural barriers is a long and complex process, who often require structural work.

Theatres with reserved seating for people with reduced mobility and wheelchair users, independent access to the entrance foyer, to the stalls and toilets, reserved parking spaces close to the venue, wheelchairaccessible activities graphically marked on materials and website:

Oriente Occidente Dance Festival wants to make itself as accessible as possible.

We also believes that communication is the best tool for breaking down walls and, in order to provide the opportunity to analyse the physical characteristics of venues, we have mapped out the theatres and our studio.

Click here for more information on the Zandonai Theatre

Click here for more information on the Auditorium Melotti

Click here for more information on Oriente Occidente Studio

Click here for more information on Mart

Click here for more information on War Museum

Click here for more information on Civic Museum

Click here for more information on City's Museum

Wheelchair accessible facilities and activities are reported on our promotional materials.


Sensory rooms are relaxing areas, helpful for the energy release that sometimes can be caused by the experience in theatres. They are quiet, cozy, comfortable areas where noise-cancelling caps will be distributed and where those who feel the need can find a safe space for emotional and sensory decompression.

They are designed for people with autism and/or neurodivergence, but can be useful for anyone who feels the need for a time in a safe and quiet space. You will find sensory decompression spaces in our theatres and performance venues.


This year Oriente Occidente goes one step further, introducing for the first time within the Festival the tool of the Simplified Kit: a set of pages in simplified language which will be an accompaniment to understanding the performance, thus making it accessible to neurodivergent persons.

Thank you for your help!

We welcome your suggestions and recommendations for more accurate and up-to-date management of information, our policies and venue access routes.

Please send us an email to booking@orienteoccidente.it