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Box office

Oriente Occidente Dance Festival tickets and subscriptions are available in our online shop on Vivaticket from July 6, which you can also access from the individual event pages.

An infoline is activated to support the online purchase: call or write us for any information!

Our box office, on the other hand, will be open from the end of August and you will also be able to purchase tickets, subscriptions and even your favorite piece of our merchandise.

Festival tickets are also available at all Vivaticket Points. Find out where they are!


0464 016576

from monday to friday
from 10 am to 2 pm
from 2 september until the end of the festival also on saturday and sunday

Box office & Temporary shop

Corso Rosmini 58 | Rovereto | Ground floor

from 25 august to 31 august
from 4 pm to 8 pm

from 1 september to 9 september
from 1 pm to 8 pm


Teatro Zandonai
Entire 22 euros
Reduced 18 euros

Auditorium Melotti
Entire 18 euros
Reduced 15 euros
(except for the preview)

Yoko Omori, Enzo Cosimi 5 euros
Chaignaud&Mercier 10 euros

Free of charge by booking
Teatro dei Venti, Monsieur Doumani, Francesca Bertolini, Baba Zula, Nicola Galli (Genoma scenico • Metodo), Section Linguaggi

Tariffa Young (UNDER 35)

Admission to all performances in the theater 10 euros
(except for the preview)

Tickets cannot be purchased in theaters.
However, purchase is possible online up to five minutes before the start of the performance.

The program may be subject to some changes. Updates and timely communications will be found on orienteoccidente.it and on our social channels.

35 euros

Under 35 • 4 performances in theaters of your choice

48 euros

Ultra • Nicola Galli
sunday 3 september • 18.30 pm • Auditorium Melotti
Firmamento • Marcos Morau
sunday 3 september • 20.30 pm • Teatro Zandonai
Le Chant des Ruines • Michèle Noiret
thursdays 7 september • 20.30 pm • Teatro Zandonai

38 euros

Strong Born • Kat Válastur
tuesday 5 september • 20.30 pm • Teatro Zandonai
Radio Vinci Park • Chaiganud&Mercier
tuesday 5 september • 22 pm • Mart, Parking
L'Homme Rare • Nadia Beugré
wednesday 6 september • 20.30 pm • Auditorium Melotti

43 euros

Go figure • Sharon Fridman
monday 4 september • 20.30 pm • Auditorium Melotti
Toi, Moi, Tituba... • Dorothée Munyaneza
friday 8 september • 20.30 pm • Auditorium Melotti
Sol Invictus • Hervé Koubi
saturday 9 september • 20.30 pm • Teatro Zandonai

Subscriptions are nominal and non-transferable.

People with disabilities are entitled to reduced tickets that must be made by phone through our infoline or by mail writing to booking@orienteoccidente.it

Assistants of peopele with disabilities have free admission.